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As everyone knows, a handgun is a type of gun that you can hold in your hand & operate with a single hand. In Modern times, The two most common handguns are revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. There are some other popular handguns for sale , such as derringers and machine pistols.

Nowadays, the market for new handguns is expanding rapidly. Every year more and more new models break cover.

Nowadays, handguns come with advanced technology & superb machining that is helpful to make the current crop of handguns lightweight, durable, affordable & accurate.

Before buying a handgun, it is essential to check out the laws governing gun sales in your state. That includes local, state, and federal regulations.


Then it is a good idea to consider four questions:

  • Is the serial number intact? If not, the gun may be illegal.
  • Is the dealer FFL Licensed?
  • Are all the firing mechanisms of the gun intact?
  • Does the firearm have surface flaws that might reduce the structural integrity of the weapon?

Before buying the best handgun, you must know all the essential considerations. Below we will share some basics of guns for a new handgun owner.

Why Do You Need A Handgun?

Why Do You Need A Handgun? Image Credit: https://www.pewpewtactical. com

Before buying the cheapest handgun, the first question is: Why do you need a gun?

There are three main reasons to own a handgun.

  • for hunting
  • self-defense,
  • for recreational shooting

Self-defense handguns generally have good stopping power, streamlined controls, and high caliber or good concealment.

Recreational shooting or sporting handguns are usually small-caliber, inexpensive, and mechanically simple, although organized shooting sports leagues may require all firearms.

Hunting handguns are typically heavy or large-caliber revolvers that need equal confidence and expertise to handle them correctly.

Types Of Handguns?

Types Of Handguns?

Choosing the correct type of handgun is essential for the best shooting experience. You can find many options and models for every kind of handgun. Some categories of handguns depend only on their trigger action.

Mainly, the most powerful handgun is divided into three types:

  • Single-shot handguns (muzzleloaders),
  • Revolvers and
  • Semi-automatic pistols

Single-shot Handguns

Single-shot Handguns

Single-shot firearms are a type of handgun that hold only a single round of ammunition. These types of handguns need to be reloaded manually after every shot.

These handguns come with rotating cylinders. Depending on the model, they contain the same trigger group.

If it is a bolt action pistol, it can be attached to the receiver. Most single-shot guns are widely used for hunting and target shooting. Shooting is not very practical for self-defense. Single-shot firearms are not that popular these days.



A revolver is a weapon that can be held in one hand and has a rotating barrel. Revolvers can be double-action or single-action. The barrel can burst when you load ammo into the barrel.

There are three revolver types: Single Action, Double Action, and DAO.

Single action means you have to cock the hammer for every shot. Dual action means the trigger can be pulled for every shot without manually cocking the hammer.

Semi-automatic Pistols

Semi-automatic Pistols

In simple words, "semi-automatic" firearms are specially designed to fire one bullet with one trigger squeeze. After shooting, these handguns automatically reload the chamber with a cartridge from a magazine, and it will be ready to fire again.

Semi-automatic pistols are easy to reload. A semi-automatic pistol is a handgun where the ammunition's magazine slides into the gun's grip. These types of firearms are slimmer, lighter, and easier to conceal. Magazines can hold more rounds of ammunition. Helpful to fire rounds of ammunition in rapid succession.

Handgun Laws

Handgun Laws Image Credit: https://www.adrasandaltiglaw. com

Before buying a handgun, you must know about the state firearm laws. We recommend contacting your local FFL Gun Dealer.

Some federal laws are pretty simple and apply to all gun owners in all states. To legally buy a firearm, you must:

  • Be a US citizen or legal immigrant.
  • Be at least 18 years old if purchased from a private seller or 21 if purchased from a licensed dealer (note that in most (if not all) states, the minimum age to carry a handgun in public is 21.
  • Have no criminal record, with some limited exceptions. Pass a rigorous background check (if you are buying guns from a licensed firearms dealer; private sellers are not required to do background checks on buyers, but most do anyway)
  • Do not suffer from certain mental illnesses that may affect your judgment.
  • Have not been treated for drug or alcohol addiction in the past five years. Also, there is no federal age limit for rifle or shotgun ownership.)

These are some basic laws to own a handgun or other gun. To know the complete state laws, visit

Revolver Vs. Semi-Automatic Handgun? Which One Is Good To Use?

Now that you know all the basics of handguns, it's time to choose the suitable handgun per your need.

Which type of handgun is right for you: Revolver or Semi-Automatic?

Revolver Vs. Semi-Automatic Handgun


Revolvers suffer from minimal capacity compared to semi-auto pistols. Capacity is anywhere from good to excellent in most Semi Automatic handguns.


Revolvers are slow to reload and depend on comparatively fiddly speedloaders and strips to begin keeping pace with semis.

Semi Automatic is fast and easy to reload with minimal training.


When it comes to durability, Revolvers are generally reliable but delicate compared to semi-auto pistols.

Semi-autos are both highly reliable and rugged.


Regarding speed, both revolvers & Semi-Automatic have good speed shoot. But handguns require more practice to shoot very quickly. Another hand, semi-autos will be easy or very easy to shoot quickly.

Easy To Use

Revolvers are beautiful for users who lack hand strength or coordination. Semi-autos are often the best choice for users who lack a hand or have a non-functional hand.


When it comes to concealability, small revolvers are good to conceal compared to large firearms. On the other hand, semi-automatics are easy to conceal with a proper holster.

Ammo Cost & Availability

Ammunition for revolvers is widely available but more expensive than comparable semi-auto rounds. Ammo for Semi-Automatic handguns is the most common cartridge in the world.

How should you hold a handgun for maximum accuracy?

How should you hold a handgun for maximum accuracy?

The handgun shooting accuracy depends on "how you hold a handgun?" It doesn't matter what type of handgun you are using. Shooting accuracy always depends on the proper handling technique.

So, how should you hold a handgun for maximum accuracy? Follow the below tips to hold the handgun properly.

  • Use Two-handed Grip: Never use a handgun with a single hand. If you shoot with only one hand, there may be chances to make you miss your target. For maximum accuracy, you will need both hands on the gun.
  • Use the right grip strength: You can significantly improve accuracy with the right grip strength. Holding a handgun with a loose grip causes the firearm to shift position, resulting in reduced accuracy. If you hold the gun too tightly, you get tired quickly.
  • Correct hand position: Having the right-hand position is essential for maximum handgun accuracy. Keep one hand under the other properly.
  • Keep the top of the barrel Up and the bottom of the handle down. The correct firing orientation is to have the top of the barrel facing up and the bottom of the handle facing down.
  • The next step to holding a handgun is to control your breathing. If you want to fire a handgun for maximum accuracy, focus on remaining calm and controlling your breathing.
  • Now the last step is to pull the trigger slowly. You can even mess up your aim if you don't pull the trigger correctly.
  • Now you know how you should hold a handgun for maximum accuracy. Keep practicing. Practice makes you perfect.

Handgun Bullet Caliber Size Chart

If you want to know & compare all the popular handgun bullet calibers' names & sizes, here is the size chart. Find & compare the most powerful handgun calibers & cheapest handguns like; 22 handguns, 9mm handguns & more.

Handgun Bullet Caliber Size Chart

7 Best Handgun For Home Defense

Choosing the best handgun for home defense comes down to personal decisions. The decisions must be made carefully so that you can find a handgun that you feel comfortable with.

If you were to choose a gun that is too big and too powerful for you, you would probably feel less inclined to put in the hours needed to become comfortable with it.

More than likely that would also trickle down to not feeling comfortable enough to use it in a life-threatening situation and could become more of a liability to you and your household than a life-saving weapon.

Let's look at the best caliber of handguns for home defense and discover the size options that are best suited for you.

9 MM

9 MM

Possibly the most popular caliber used amongst semi-automatic handgun owners and law enforcement professionals. The 9 MM handgun is powerful enough to stop an attacker or intruder and generally creates a moderate recoil. These handguns are available as full-size pistols down to micro-compact. The popular models are the Walther P99C, P89 Ruger, Glock 34 gen 4, and the P95 Ruger.

10 MM

10 MM

A potent caliber of handgun. The 10MM is nearly the same as the .40, with a notable exception in that it has a powerful recoil. Popular models of the 10MM are the Kimber Stainless Target II and the Glock 20.



The .38 is usually thought of as a revolver but is also available as a semi-automatic. Powerful enough to protect and with light recoil, it makes a popular choice among female gun owners. Once the preferred handgun of law enforcement, it has widely been replaced by more powerful pistols. Popular models of the .38 include the Ruger 38 and Colt 38 Detective Special.



Semi-automatic .380s are another very popular handgun amongst those who want a manageable handgun for home protection. Often found on a very small frame, they can be carried or concealed easily. Popular models are the Glock 380 models 28 and 28, Keltec 380, and Beretta 380.



The .357 is ranked top of the best home-protected handgun. Because of its high power, it's often been said that you simply need to hit the door frame near a would-be intruder to change their mind. The .357 is another handgun often thought of as a revolver but is also available as a semi-auto. It is pretty powerful and has a strong recoil. Popular models of the .357 are Glock 357 models 31, 32, and 33. The 357 Taurus and Smith and Wesson 357 magnum are also favorites.



The .40 S&W was designed as a law enforcement pistol intended to provide a manageable yet powerful handgun that could be used in any situation. The .40 is an excellent match of power and manageability with moderate recoil. Popular models are the Glock 35 gen four and Walther P99C.

.45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol)

45 ACP

The .45 has been popular since its inception in the early 1900s. The .45 was originally pioneered for US Military use but, over the years, has gained much popularity in the civilian population. The .45 is highly accurate and regarded for its stopping power without over-penetration in human targets, making it perfect for home protection.

You can count on one stopping an intruder without the round passing through and hitting your neighbor across the street. Popular models are Colt 45 Auto, Para Warthog, and the Kimber Pro Carry II.

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