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P320 Vs. P365: Difference Between Sig Sauer's P320 & P365.

SIG Sauer is a renowned name in the world of firearms, known for producing high-quality handguns that cater to a wide range of shooters.

Two of their most popular models, the P320 and the P365, have gained quite a following.

But when choosing the right SIG Sauer pistol for your needs, how do you decide between the two?

P320 Vs. P365

This blog post will explore the differences and similarities between the P320 Vs. P365 to help you make an informed choice.

Specification Overview

Specifications P320 P365
Height 5.3 inches 4.3 inches
Weight 25.8 oz 17.8oz
Length 7.2 inches 5.8 inches
Width 1.3 inches 1.06 inches
Trigger Striker-fired Striker-fired
Barrel 3.9 inches 3.1 inches
Caliber 9mm 9mm
Magazine Capacity 15 rounds / 10 rounds for capacity-restricted states 10 rounds

P320 Vs. P365: Overview & Development

Let's know about the history & development of both Sig Sauer guns.

P320: History & Development

P320: History & Development

The SIG Sauer P320 is a modular, striker-fired pistol that has gained widespread popularity among law enforcement, military personnel, and civilians. Its history and development are marked by innovation and a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of firearm users.

The SIG Sauer P320's journey began with its predecessor, the P250, and evolved into a striker-fired pistol in 2014. Its modular design, reliability, and user-friendly features quickly gained recognition, leading to its adoption by the U.S. Army in 2017. SIG Sauer continues to refine and expand the P320 platform, making it a versatile and adaptable choice for many users.

P365: History & Development

P365: History & Development

The SIG Sauer P365, a revolutionary micro-compact pistol, transformed the concealed carry market in 2018. Its innovative design, high capacity, and exceptional performance redefined expectations for concealed-carry firearms.

The SIG Sauer P365 revolutionized concealed carry in 2018, addressing the need for a high-capacity micro-compact pistol without compromising size and comfort.

Its innovative design and exceptional performance quickly gained popularity, redefining expectations for concealed-carry firearms.

SIG Sauer continues to refine and expand the P365 platform, solidifying its position as a dominant force in the concealed carry market.

P320 Vs. P365: Weight And Size

The SIG Sauer P320 and P365 both are known as best concealed carry handguns. But have different sizes and weights.

When we compare the P320 vs P365 by weight & size, the P365 is significantly smaller and lighter than the P320 compact.

This makes the P365 more comfortable for concealed carry, especially for smaller hands.

On the other hand, the P320 compact has a larger magazine capacity and a longer barrel, which gives it an advantage in terms of firepower and accuracy.

Feature P320 Compact P365
Weight 25.8 oz. 17.8 oz.
Length 7.2" 5.8"
Width 1.3" 1.06"
Height 5.3" 4.3"

P320 vs P365: Recoil & Accuracy

The SIG Sauer P320 and P365 are known for their manageable recoil and accuracy. However, there are some key differences between the two pistols in these areas.


The P320 Compact has a larger size and heavier weight than the P365, which helps to absorb recoil and make it more manageable. The P365 is still a very soft-shooting pistol for its size, but it will have slightly more felt recoil than the P320 Compact.


Both the P320 Compact and P365 are capable of good accuracy. However, the P320 Compact has a longer sight radius and a heavier weight, which can give it a slight edge in accuracy. The P365 is still a very accurate pistol, and most shooters can achieve good results with either gun.

Feature P320 Compact P365
Recoil Less felt recoil Slightly more felt recoil
Accuracy Slightly more accurate Very accurate

So, if you are looking for the most comfortable and concealable option, the P365 is a great choice. And if you need a pistol with more firepower and accuracy, the P320 compact is a better option.

P320 vs P365: Magazine Capacity

Magazine capacity is a crucial factor to consider when choosing between the SIG Sauer P320 and P365.

The P320 Compact offers a higher magazine capacity than the P365, providing more firepower and potentially extending shooting sessions before reloading. While the P365's standard magazine capacity is lower, it's still impressive for its compact size.

Additionally, extended magazine options are available for both pistols, allowing users to customize their carrying capacity based on their preferences or specific situations.

Feature P320 Compact P365
Standard magazine capacity 15 rounds 10 rounds
Extended magazine capacity Up to 21 rounds Up to 15 rounds

P320 vs P365: Ammunition Options

The SIG Sauer P320 and P365 are chambered in 9mm, one of the most popular and widely available pistol cartridges. This means that both pistols have a wide variety of ammunition options.

Feature P320 Compact P365
Caliber 9mm 9mm
Ammunition options Wide variety of FMJ, JHP, PDA, and specialty ammunition Wide variety of FMJ, JHP, PDA, and specialty ammunition

P320 vs P365: Application And Purpose

The SIG Sauer P320 and P365 are both versatile pistols that can be used for a variety of applications, including:

Concealed Carry: Both pistols are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry concealed. The P365 is especially well-suited for concealed carry due to its smaller size and lighter weight.

If you’re carrying your Sig IWB, the GunZee holster pad can make your KYDEX holster a lot more comfortable.

Home Defense: Both pistols are chambered in 9mm, a powerful and effective cartridge for home defense. The P320 Compact's large magazine capacity and longer barrel give it an advantage in this application.

Target Shooting: Both pistols are accurate and reliable, making them good choices for target shooting. The P320 Compact's longer sight radius and heavier weight can make it slightly more accurate than the P365.

Competition: Both pistols can be used for competition, but the P320 Compact is typically a better choice for this application due to its larger magazine capacity and longer barrel.

Application P320 Compact P365
Concealed carry Good Excellent
Home defense Good Good
Target shooting Good Good
Competition Good Fair

P320 vs P365: Price & Availability

The SIG Sauer P320 and P365 are both popular handguns and as a result, they are widely available at gun stores and online retailers.

The prices for both pistols can vary depending on the retailer and the specific model, but generally, the P320 Compact is slightly more expensive than the P365.

Average Retail Prices:

  • P320 Compact: $500-$600**( Price can vary as per retailer)
  • P365: $400-$500**(Price can vary as per retailer)

The P320 Compact's higher price is likely due to its larger size and heavier weight, which require more materials and manufacturing costs. However, the P365 is still a very well-made pistol, and its lower price makes it a great value.

SIG Sauer P320 SIG Sauer P320 Check Price SIG Sauer P365 SIG Sauer P365 Check Price

P320 Vs. P365: Which One Is Right For Me?

  • If you prioritize concealability, the P365's smaller size and lighter weight make it a better choice. If you prefer a larger grip and don't mind a slightly heavier gun, the P320 Compact is a good option.
  • The P320 Compact offers a higher standard magazine capacity (15 rounds) than the P365 (10 rounds). If maximum firepower is a priority, the P320 Compact is advantageous.
  • Both pistols are versatile for concealed carry, home defense, target shooting, and competition. The P365 excels in concealability, while the P320 Compact offers versatility for various applications.
  • Both pistols are widely available. The P365 is generally more affordable, while the P320 Compact is slightly more expensive.

Final Words

As we conclude this comprehensive comparison between the SIG Sauer P320 Vs. P365, it's evident that both pistols stand as exceptional choices for concealed carry and personal defense.

The P365's compact dimensions and lightweight construction make it an ideal choice for those seeking a highly concealable firearm that disappears seamlessly under clothing.

On the other hand, the P320 Compact emerges as a versatile all-rounder, balancing concealability with enhanced firepower and adaptability. Its larger size translates into a higher magazine capacity, providing more rounds at your disposal.

Ultimately, the decision between the P320 and P365 involves individual preferences and intended usage.

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